Commercial Roofing Maintenance Is a Necessity for Businesses in Murray, UT

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If you own or manage a business in Murray, UT, then you understand the importance of routine roof maintenance. Every commercial roof installation needs regular upkeep to achieve optimal safety and performance. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the necessity of regular roof maintenance, and that can lead to huge repair bills, or even roof replacement, down the line.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Matters

Regular inspections and maintenance are vital for any commercial roof installation. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), studies have shown that a well-maintained roof can last up to twice as long as one that receives minimal upkeep. Regular maintenance can never replace an experienced roofing contractor, but small inspections and repairs can help extend the life of your roof.

Beyond the structural imperative for maintenance, there are also financial implications. Roof damage can lead to leaks, which can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of your building. Repairs or replacements might not be covered by your insurance if the damage is attributed to a neglected roof. Through regular maintenance, however, you’ll be reducing your chances of catastrophic roof damage in the future.

What to Look for During Maintenance

During both regular maintenance and emergency inspections, there are certain components of the roof that should be closely examined. Commercial roofs are composed of multiple components including the substrate, membranes, ridgestones, and more. Here are some of the main components to assess during maintenance checks:

Flashing: flashing is designed to help divert water away from vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the chimneys, vents, and insertion points. Over time they can become loose or corroded, leading to water damage.

Sealants: sealants are located in the seams of the roofing. They should be checked regularly to ensure there are no cracks or missing pieces that could cause water damage.

Insulation: insulation is often overlooked, but it’s critical for energy efficiency and to maintain the proper temperature of the building. It should be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary.

Membranes: membranes are one of the most vulnerable components of the roof, and they need to be checked for signs of damage or deterioration.

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance: All Weather Waterproofing

All Weather Waterproofing is an experienced and reliable roof repair and maintenance company based in Murray, UT. They offer a comprehensive roof maintenance program, including regular inspections, repairs, and replacements. All Weather Waterproofing specializes in commercial roofing, but they also offer residential services. Their team of experienced professionals will ensure your roof remains in safe and reliable condition for years to come.

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